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I, unlike the esteemed Sara, am too lazy to crosspost. In that case, I invite all of you to check my Tumblr for new posts from now on. Even though most of the comments on my entries are on this LJ, I simply cannot accommodate both LJ and Tumblr. TUMBLR FTW so please comment on that now! 


This journal has been officially closed. Thank you all for listening.

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*DISCLAIMER: written in a rage. rather incoherent. quite a bit of swearing. that SHITSLICE...

There's this girl in my physics class (who shall remain nameless) who completely, honestly and utterly sucks at physics. She doesn't have the worst grade, as I know someone who has a pretty shitty grade but is loads smarter. Thus, driven by desperation, as she seems unable to or unwilling to (most likely the former) complete her own labs, she calls the day before the lab is due to interrogate me. Bitch, please. "I'll call you later if I have anymore questions." - as if you're entitled to my time, effort and sheer kindness and pity? You are a parasite. You could not do half the assignments in class without my help (or any other unfortunate person's help). And that is precisely why I feel guilty when I ignore your calls. There are other reasons too. As much as I like to think that I am a cantankerous individual who won't take no one's shit, I will offer my help to those in need. While I would not consider myself a doormat in any possible way, I fully admit to sometimes letting my desire to remain likable run over me. If people ask me for help, I would probably say yes. But then the degree to which I help them would depend on the circumstances, how I'm feeling that day and whether I like them or not. Either way, if someone asked me for help, I wouldn't say no. That's the right thing to do; I am sure. But then, I don't know WHEN and HOW MUCH to help people sometimes. Such is the case of the Physics Leech. There's actually another leech too, but she hardly ever calls. Still a leech though; I can feel it.

That's the TWELFTH she called today. TEN  ELEVEN TWELVE CALLS IN A DAY. As you can see, the extent of the bolding, italicizing, underlining, and supersizing clearly expresses the depth of my fury. I picked up the first three calls, patiently explaining the basics of the lab and the data I sent her (she's in my lab group). It's like, SHIT GURL you can't do this? Jesus H. Christ. Then I ignored her last six calls. Not that my mom or brother would have let me pick up anyway. They hate her; she called at 10 PM once. ikr?

BITCH. It's not my fault you suck at physics, you goddamn parasite.

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December 2008, Dad speaks in Chinese, me in English:

How was your physics final?
Me: I think I did okay. I hope I did okay...
Dad: Good. What finals do you have left?
Me: Oh, easy stuff: French, Statistics...
Dad: Well, there's an old saying - don't drown in the shallow lakes.
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OUI OUI I am much too brain-dead so I will blog in un autre altar-ego....l'altar-ego FRANCAIS (desolee, mais the Empress has retired to her chambre pour la nuit)! Je ne sais pas pourquoi, but j'adore this francais thing very, very much. It is tres, tres stupide but then again, je suis brain-dead. I wish there were les smilies, because dans le gmail, there is one with une moustache, which I think is tres tres amusant et tres tres stereotypically francais. And if YOU are going "HAHAHA" right now in that accente that is americaine and vulgare at mon stupidité, I will say only this: PARLE A MA MAIN. You do not know how difficile it is to type in franglais, as I must find les bons mots that all will comprennent, even if they are Philistins who do not speak a word du Francais! I know, tres scandaleux...that there are people, non, des barbares  who do not know le Francais! It is like not knowing how to talk...it is like shopping at Walmart! Alors, I do not wish to discuss this anymore.

I am also tres triste at the fact that I find it easier to blog in ways that are ridiculeux instead of deep, insightful, magnifique! And mon essai pour l'université (la littérature britannique)...je ne sais pas what to write! J'ai le block de writer.

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Preteen thug to friend: Yo, nigga! What's crackin'?
Passing suit: Your voice.
Thug's friend: Oh, snap!

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Swine sound so sinister. swine Swine SWINE.

There was this great "Worst-case scenario" article on Yahoo News. Apparently 30% of the world's population could get infected and 2% could DIE. yes, DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE.

This reminds me of all those zombie books and games and movies I've devoured (no pun intended) over the years. In a way, almost all zombie lore describes the zombie condition as a some sort of virus or infection and involves a good deal of economic/political collapse, quarantine, etc, stuff that's strikingly similar to what would happen if there was a pandemic. Man, I love zombies. Exciting stuff. And there was one flash game called PANDEMIC, which basically allowed you to design your own super virus and try and infect the entire world. I always lost; Madagascar was uninfectable.

I feel really weird for being simultaneously scared and strangely fascinated by this potential pandemic. I wish it'd just peter out and go away, yet it would be rather exciting to observe (far far away of course) the effects of a pandemic if it ever happened. I know, I'm being rather stupid here. But hey, it doesn't hurt to stock up on those water bottles and weapons while you can!
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